Surviving Spirit Airlines

Traveling is essential, to me at least, but it’s not always affordable. The more I travel the less I discriminate against airlines. In search for the cheapest flights possible, Spirit is almost always the first on my filtered “low to high” price list, on many websites. For many reasons, Spirit is rarely anyone’s first choice….

10 Flight Must Haves 

1. Pillow 2. Headphones  3. Downloads (i.e movies, songs, games)  4. Socks and comfy shoes 5. A Book 6. Blanket or jacket 7. Electronic device (I.e. Phone, iPad, kindle,laptop ) 8. Portable charger 9. Toiletry bag 10. Travel reservation information and/or boarding pass Happy flying! 

Know Me 👑

Photo credit: asapwitthecanonmedia Hey there… So I want to you share a little bit about myself. You know…just so you will have an idea of who you messing with… So obviously I’m a mommy to an adorable 3yr old named Logan ☺️. He is my everything. He’s made me into the woman I am today….