Surviving Spirit Airlines

Traveling is essential, to me at least, but it’s not always affordable. The more I travel the less I discriminate against airlines.

In search for the cheapest flights possible, Spirit is almost always the first on my filtered “low to high” price list, on many websites.

For many reasons, Spirit is rarely anyone’s first choice. Additional fees probably being the number one reason. Hey, look at it on the bright side you only pay for what you use on Spirit airlines.

Overall, traveling with spirit has had its up and down. Below is a list of ways I survive travel…

1. After booking, check the spirit website to verify your flight status. I booked a trip to LA recently through a 3rd party website, got to the airport, and spirit could not find my ticket. Apparently the 3rd party was not able to verify my purchase with spirit and cancelled my ticket. I was pissed, so verify your flight info the after purchase and the week of travel.

2. Pay for luggage in advance. Spirit will send you several emails after you book encouraging you to purchase bags and to pick preferred seating online, do it it saves money. Otherwise you will be paying more when you get there. I only take spirit for short rides and short stays. I’ve always only taken one free personal bag (book bag or tote).

3. Print boarding pass before you arrive or at the airport kiosk. If you go to the desk and get help from a spirit representative you will be charged $10.

4. If you apply for the spirit master card you will receive 2,500 free fly miles. “The guy next” to me did it and put down all false information, but you didn’t hear that from me 🙃.

5. If you know you want a snack during the flight get something that you can get through security, no drinks, or get someone once you’ve successfully gotten through security. You can definitely board with food bought from inside the airport.

Safe travels ☺️

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