He’s Just Not that into You..

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Ok now ladies, if you know you bad….(singing lyrics to one of my favorite Travis Porter songs)

It’s 2017!! Wake up and stop wasting your time on men who aren’t interested in you.

I’ve wasted many of days, months, and years with men who weren’t that into me or just all around not for me. It took me some time and self evaluation to figure out and understand the difference between an interested man and a man trying “to have his cake and eat it too.”

Based on experience, research, and collected information from men, here are a few things that help identify who’s interested and who’s wasting your time.


Is key…If he can’t pick up the phone just once a day to check on you and see what you’re doing, please know he is not that into you. You should not have to make the call or send the text everytime.

A man who is truly interested in you will make time for you. I repeat he will make time for you. When someone repeatedly has “no time” or is always “too busy” its simply because they won’t make the time to shoot a simple text or make a quick call. Dead that situation and move on.


As I already mentioned…Anyone interested in any thing will make time for it. Don’t be fooled by excuses.

If he is really interested, he’s already verbally made it it known, but if he takes time out of his schedule to take you out, come see you, or show you he is thinking of you with some small gesture, girl hold on to him. Trust me, there is a a girl somewhere longing for the time and attention of an interested man.


Speak louder than any word…and I’m all about actions. Dont just say it do it. Believe a mans actions. No woman alive will make a grown man do something he doesn’t  want to do, not even his mother.


Pay attention to the consistency. Whatever he is consistently doing will reveal his true colors. Is he consistently standing you up and consistently not answering calls, than he is consistently seeing someone else. 

Know your worth queens. Don’t waste your time, energy, and sometimes money on a man just interested in only his wants and needs. When a man is truly interested trust me…you will never have to second guess it.

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