7 Tips for Your Mexican Trip 


Having cash is a MUST !! There is a bank conversion fee charge at some places and a 4% fee added on the every purchase if you use a card.

2. Order big

The food portions at every single restaurant I went to were very small. I ordered two entrees every night after my first restaurant meal.

3. Beware of dogs

There were stray dogs on every street corner. Most of the dogs didn’t bother us at all, except that one time we brought home doggie bags from the place we ate at that night. We just kept walking and showed no fear. He should have scared me a little more if he wanted that burger.

4. Be prepared to tip

Apparently they work for tips in Mexico and they aren’t shy to ask or remind you about it,so to avoid being annoyed prepare to tip for everything.

5. Don’t drink the water

I can’t tell you from personal experience but in my own research, I learned that Mexican water has different bacteria that we are not used to, and may cause digestive issues. Use bottled water for drinking and brushing.

6. Check pesos

Converting you money at the airport is  the safest and most reliable way to convert. There are many places in the street and in stores where you can convert but I personally felt better using airport services. Google the money to see if it matches the internet pictures listed. We tried to use pesos we got from the airport at an oxxo (7/11) and they told us it was fake. We used it at a coffee shop near by they took it .

7. Know a little Spanish

I don’t know a lot of Spanish but the little that my God sister and I knew helped a lot. If you don’t know any Spanish invest in a little translation book, google can also be helpful.


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