Develop Your Toddlers Vocabulary

I’m fairly new at this mom thing and besides the few tips I may take from my own mom, grandmother, and aunt, being a mom is a real learning experience. I learned that every child develops at their own pace and every approach does not work the same way due to a  childs individuality.

When it came to talking my son was a late bloomer, so naturally I was concerned. All he wanted to do is use the same couple words and point at things. I took it upon my self to incorporate and emphasize small ways in our everyday life to make him communicate with me, or “use his words”, as we call it.

Me, being a teacher, I like to make every aspect of learning fun and natural. These are the best ways I learned to help my toddler talk and develop his vocabulary. Hopefully one or all these ways can help you out too.

Car rides

We spend a lot of time in the car so why not make valuable use of  the time spent. During every car ride we are either singing a song we already know or learning a new one. My favorite driving activity though is watching Logan talk about the things he sees while we drive. Between the both of us we point out everything, I.e. The blue sky,the red bird, the bright sun, the huge, spotted, dog.  Using adjectives followed by regular nouns helped a lot. He slowly began to describe things instead of just pointing them out. The sun became the big, bright, yellow sun, and the moon became full, half, and crescent, the stop lights went from green, red, and yellow, to green go, red stop, yellow slow and so on.

Bath time

Bath time will always create a fun learning environment. I like to fill Logan’s baths full of bubbles and let him wash himself. While he washes we name his body parts and count them too I.e. When we wash his face I say ” make sure you get both eyes, how many eyes do you have?”. You can do the same when brushing their teeth.


Reading is fundamental.We read at least three books a day. This Christmas I focused on building his library. I bought him a very nice, durable, cloth and wood pocket bookshelf from amazon, and filled it with all types of books. We read everyday and/or night. I point to each word I read and always read with enthusiasm to keep him interested. He even has a favorite book now and knows all the words to it by sight and memory.


Hope this helped!! Have fun learning with your children and remember consistency is key.


In the photo Logan is using We love this site. It is also a great learning tool highly recommended for ages 3 and up.

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