3 Easy Steps to Plan the Perfect Date

***This is my general point of view of a well planned and thoughtful date. This blog can be applied to both sexes. I did speak directly to the men in certain parts of this post simply because sometimes they just have no clue.***


Before you date….

Try this (if you haven’t already)

1.Take time to evaluate who you really are. Be honest with yourself. Spend time by yourself. Go to the movies, shopping, out to eat, maybe for a drink BY YOURSELF. I know from experience it’s a little awkward at first but it helps you learn yourself and appreciate your own company. How can you make someone else appreciate your company if you don’t even appreciate it. Dating yourself can be lonely but it’s healthy and much needed.

2. Ask yourself “what do you want?”it can be in yourself, in your spouse,or in life. Happiness comes from within. You have to know what makes you happy. To help remind myself of things that make me happy I made a list. I’m a “list person”. One list turned into several lists of things that make me happy, both big and small. I keep it in a safe place and refer to it when I’m feeling uneasy.

3.Once you’ve successfully found and dated the most updated version of you, it’s now safe to let someone (not just anyone) in your space.

Side note: The golden rule is one of my personal life quotes.


I love dating when it’s done right, and yes, there’s a right way to date. When it comes to dating and many other things I like to apply the golden rule, “do unto others as you want them to do unto you.” Ok….so if you want me to make a big deal about your birthday buddy,you better make me feel like princess Jasmine, on that magic carpet, singing a whole new world. No really, I’m not playing. 👑. Point is treat others how you want them to treat you. You KNOW you want to feel special and thought of when you are dating someone. Don’t just tell them, so show them. A little effort goes a long way.

Since I like to be treated like royalty, I don’t mind kinging my date (when the time is right). Below are three simple steps to setting up a well planned date. I call it ready, set, go.


When you are truly READY to date someone, ask the person out. When that happens, prepare to fund the entire date. Hey, don’t be mad, you asked. Once the idea of paying is out of your head, try to recall a conversation you might have had with your date to get an idea of a great a “thoughtful” place to arrange the date.


Once you’ve figured out a place to go, call the place. Ask questions about pricing, see if you need reservations, ask about parking, whatever. If the place doesn’t require reservations but you can make them, make reservations. Reservations are sexy and thoughtful. Ain’t nothing like telling your best friend “I need to hurry up, he made reservations for 10″☺️.


Go get your her !!! and be on time. Even if she makes you wait a little bit because she is still getting ready, don’t rush her. Trust me, she is mindful of the time y’all need to be there, she’s probably already googled mapped the estimated time it takes to get there, and had time to read the reviews and look at the pictures.

Another thing, Don’t just “pull up”, hop out, go get her. Chances are she got cute, put on some heels, and in rushing to lock the door behind her. Unless you’re late. Be the first thing she sees when she turns around. Hand her some beautiful flowers and walk her to the car. Open the door for her and close it when she is in safe. Ladies be thoughtful, if he has done all those things right, or just a few of them you are a lucky girl, lean over and open his door too.

These three easy steps will show your date they were thought of and make them feel appreciated. The rest is on you.

Enjoy and make good conversation! Good luck!

Words or phrases I may only use:


making my guy feel special

Personal life quote-

a quote that can be applied to any aspect of like (for me)

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